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About Us

Our School

We strive to create developmentally appropriate learning opportunities for your children in a positive, inclusive classroom environment. We believe in the success of all children and welcome students with a variety of different needs. While inclusive practices remain at the heart of our school we keep the development of each child as our top priority ensuring we reach each learner in our classroom.










Our Day

A typical day at Aspire incorporates some variation of free play, whole group instruction, small group/one on one intervention, and gross motor play. 

Our Curriculum

Our three classrooms use the Fireflies curriculum to guide our instruction. Fireflies is a Pennsylvania state standard approved curriculum that focuses on play and active learning. It  understands the importance of relationships within the classroom and creates learning opportunities to help form these bonds while giving children time to explore, grow, and make meaningful choices.  The activities within our classrooms  foster creativity and promote emotional, cognitive, social, language, and physical development. Our goal is to educate your child while helping them to build self-esteem and intrinsic motivation for learning.

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